Keep on Keepin' on

September 20, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes life just gets in the way. Schedules get hectic, so much is going on, and you feel too busy to do anything besides eat, sleep and work. That's how I felt and I barely picked up my camera. I fell into that common place of leaving my camera at home where it collected dust. I couldn't let that be an excuse anymore.

Luckily I've met some people who have sparked my interest to get back in it. Also, I was able to get in a shoot with my niece. She wasn't too into it first and had a semi-meltdown. I chalk it up to nerves. I took a few shots to just take away the intimidation of this camera directed right on her. After awhile she loosened up and it was a successful shoot. This one is great because her expression was exactly how I felt toward myself. "Tsk tsk don't be a grump! Keep on shooting!" 

So here I am.  :)


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