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Have you been to the zoo lately? Since I'm a procrastinator at writing these things, my answer is 'sort of.' I went to the zoo three months ago. Yes, I know, I could have easily posted up some photos back in April, or even in May! I sit here guilty and will attempt to provide these things in a more timely manner. My excuse this time was a whole bunch (or what seemed like a lot) of life changes. I promise to you, whoever you are reading this, that you'll get an update soon. I've got a few things to share and July is going to be a very eventful month! Celebrations of unions, reunions, and 'just cause' are things I will be sharing. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are some zoo animals. The day I visited, Karl the Fog was present as usual. As the morning turned into noontime, the fog lifted and the warm sun came out to play. Many of the animals lounged around, while others took advantage of the sun. 


Check out this male peacock showing his feathers. There was a female nearby that he kept calling out to. She pretty much ignored him, but it gave me an opportunity to snap a few shots of him.


When you're patient enough, good things happen. This time I was able to lock eyes with this baby giraffe snacking on a branch.


Waddle waddle, splash! Here's Pepper (yes, I named him that!) posing for the camera before he took a dunk into the pool.


Make sure to read the signs or ask one of the workers when the feeding times are. I missed watching Pepper eat his morning fish, but was able to see the grizzlies grub on some apples. There were a lot of field trips the day I went, so I thought I might be stuck at the back. I'm short too, so those kids would have definitely blocked my view.  Luckily I found a spot in the corner with a good view. Give yourself 15 minutes to find a good spot or all the good views will be gone. The bears are a highlight of feeding time since they run around and jump into the water.


Here's a full gallery if you're interested! http://www.desireemiranda.com/p921295533

Catch ya later!


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