4 More Months of Butterflies!

November 03, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Guess what?! The Conservatory of Flowers has extended their Butterflies & Blooms exhibit until March! That's right; more butterfly goodness! The exhibit was set to last until October, but with such a great demand, they extended it! Here's a sneak peek of what's there.

The butterflies are located at the far end of the Conservatory. They freely flutter by finding a place to land. If they're not not actively looking for nectar they're hanging out on the nets. If you're lucky like the lady above, you can even hold one! (They don't want you to actually pick them up though.) Henry even had a few land on him.

There's a case with various species cocoons. Maybe if you're lucky, you'll see a butterfly emerge from it! Look how these have a gold strip across the front. It's really pretty.

This little kid loved the turtle in this area. He also loved splashing in the water. His dad kept having to hold him back so that he wouldn't lean too far in.

There's more than just butterflies and flowers at the Conservatory. Check out the textures on these leaves.

They have a tropical area, simulating the highlands and lowlands of the tropics. Be forewarned! You'll want to take off your sweater in the lowlands. It's hot and humid!

If you have a hour to spare stop by! It's $8 for adults and the butterflies will be there until March! FYI, SF locals get a $3 discount. :)


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