Early Mornings

February 24, 2014  •  1 Comment

If we do it now, we'll never run out of time...

There are always things I want to see, do, and experience. It's really easy to say I want to do something, but the follow-through can sometimes fall flat. This time I told myself I had to do it. No excuses this time. If I can do this, then I'll have less on my to-do list.

What was this thing you say? Photographing the sunrise. Sounds simple right? Well, you know, it's really early in the morning... I'd have drive there sleepy... Is there a bathroom there? Where will I pee?... I'd need to pack some breakfast ahead of time... I'd need to make sure not to freeze... It's clear now, but what if it ends up being overly cloudy before the sun comes up?... blah... blah... blah... I made it past this mental barrier and went for it. I got to Hawk Hill earlier than expected so I got to take a cat nap until the gates opened. Once I was past the gate and driving in I automatically knew it was a success. The sun was starting to greet me hello with a vibrant sliver of orange. I parked my car and made it to higher ground. It was go time!

There's something majestic about a sunrise. It feels like the whole world is asleep (besides the birds that chirp in the morning), everything is calm, and you're there alone with your thoughts. You can see what was once a lonely bridge, now has cars driving across it. Bikers make their way up the windy hill on their morning ride. The colors of the sky change from a black, to deep blue, to a mixture of yellow-orange-pink. Karl the Fog quietly tiptoes his way over the city into the Sunset District. Eventually the sun is completely out and noises from down below start to echo off the mountains. That was my cue to start to wrap things up. Deep breath inhaled and deep breath of satisfaction released.

Check box marked! I did it! I even took a nap once I got home to 'make up' for the loss of sleep and still had the rest of the day ahead of me. Those mental barriers are only that, mental. There was nothing physically stopping me from doing so. I'm glad I did it. I'll be back to try it over again because I'm not completely satisfied with the photo results. But that is OK. Each sunrise is never same, and thus, new challenges and opportunities to grow and learn.

So go do something you've been putting off for awhile. Even if it's just doing laundry, reading that dusty book on your shelf or taking that morning run. The accomplishment feels good. The result may not be perfect, but it's the journey that counts. You can do it! Go do your thang!

Really, go do it!


Great post and subject matter. Not many get to experience sunrise. Love the pictures.
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